Our Facility in Fife

Youth sports in general and club volleyball specifically has been greatly impacted by COVID-19 to the point of how we train, where we train, and how many athletes we train at any given time! We have had tremendous community partners that we’ve worked with in the past and will continue to work with as restrictions ease, however the need to have a solid place to train our athletes is paramount for our club pushing forward during this time.

We are extremely proud of the amazing turn around and effort by our staff and leadership to provide a dedicated two court training facility for our club volleyball athletes and teams! You’d have to have been there during the first walk through to truly appreciate the transformation this space has gone through and in such short time. It turned out to be exactly what we envisioned long-term and will serve it’s purpose greatly.

Over 13,000 square feet, our flagship facility features two large volleyball courts, two training zones for speed and agility, jump training, and band work, a trainer’s room, staff kitchen, and professional-grade reception, study area, large meeting and classroom space, and plenty of parking. The facility will also feature a high-quality video recording, streaming and playback media system to assist our athletes, coaches, and teams develop. The space is perfect for PSVBA and we are super thankful we have a flagship gym to call home!