Introducing our PS 14-Mike team coached by Mike Clark, Jessy Cooper, Hayley Hacker, and Audrey Howard; and our PS 14-Jess team coached by Jessica Paulsen and Liz Quitiquit. These players are in excellent hands with this well experienced coaching staff!

PS 14-MikePS 14-Jess
Ava ChambersRachel Croft
Layne DentKate Fjeld
Bea EstradaReese Hansen
Sophia JanhoClara henzke
Hannah MorrisSamantha Lazar
Gabrielle SmithCameron Moskovitz
Maxine SpurlockMaya Quitiquit
Sonja StromCameron Rantz
Maddie TaitanoMia Szalay
Vanessa TogiaDanielle Turcinec
Kylee TovesVivian Yount
Jenica WallingAddison Zeissel
Grace WestlundIsabel Zielinski
Olivia Wilkerson
* Note that although we will start this season with these initial team assignments, we will continue to evaluate our players and may adjust our team rosters accordingly based on practice, competition, and willingness to travel. Also note these teams will be trained in an age pod to allow for this flexibility.