PSVBA has an excellent coaching staff from bottom to top that is very instructive, technically sound, competition-tested and proven over many years! Most all of our coaches have had successful collegiate careers and are equally successful on the sidelines

PSVBA 12’s-14’s


  • Aletha Etimani (Texas A&M Commerce) 2+ yrs coaching – NOT PICTURED
  • Bri Trier (Western Washington/Seattle Pacific) 10+ yrs coaching -NOT PICTURED
  • Jennie Demick (Pierce CC) 3+ yrs coaching
  • Jordyn Seelye (Green River/Central Washington) 10+ yrs coaching
  • Kim Culliton Central Washington) 15+ yrs coaching
  • Kristy Rioux (Texas State – All League)15+ yrs coaching
  • Rodney Kalalau (Saint Martins | All-Army Team | Charles Wright HC) 25+ yrs coaching
  • Veronica Wentzel (Bellevue | Saint Martins) 3+ yrs coaching

PSVBA 15’s-18’s

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  • Bobby McGivern (Saint Martin | Emerald Ridge HC) 20+ yrs coaching
  • Carlye Hupp (Washington) 12+ yrs coaching
  • Dan Ishii (Eastern Washington) 20+ yrs coaching experience w/ High School
  • Jessica Hansen (Portland State | Big Sky MVP) 10+ yrs coaching
  • Jessica Vanzant (Portland State | All-League) 7+ yrs coaching
  • Karly Druzianich (Arizona) 2+ yrs coaching
  • Kimiko Shadle (Green River) 10+ yrs coaching
  • Mike Clark (Orange Coast|Seattle Pacific) 25+ yrs coaching
  • Pat Taitano (Hawaii | Todd Beamer HC) 15+ yrs coaching
  • Stephanie Papke (Washington State | All-American) 15+ yrs coaching

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 PSVBA Olympia