Coaching Lineup

PSVBA’s Coaching Lineup for 2019 Club Season

PSVBA has an excellent coaching staff from bottom to top that is very instructive, technically sound, competition-tested and proven over many years!  It is one of the main reasons PSVBA year after year consistently produces successful competitive teams that rank at the very top of every age division in our region!  Most all of our coaches have had successful collegiate careers and are equally successful on the sidelines.


PSVBA U11: Jessica Hansen (Portland State) & Jessica Vanzant (Portland State)

PSVBA U12: Andrew Walker (Kings) & Karly Druzianich (Arizona)

PSVBA U13: Mike Clark (Orange Coast) & Donja Walker (Western Washington)

PSVBA U14: Kelly Kim (U Hawaii | Seattle U) & Brooke Vonasek (Wisconsin)

PSVBA U15: Rodney Kalalau (All-Army | St. Martins U) & Rachael Garrison (U Puget Sound)

PSVBA U16: Daniel Ishii (Eastern Washington) & Aletha Le (Texas A&M Commerce)

PSVBA U17: Bobby McGivern (St. Martins U) & Jill Fox-Mullen (U Puget Sound)

PSVBA U18: Pat Taitano (U Hawaii) & Jessy Taitano (Irvine)


PS-North U12: Liz Quitiquit (Western Washington) & Isabella Graves (U Puget Sound)

PS-North U13/U14: Loyd Miyashiro (U Hawaii) & Junior Kitiona

PS-North U15: Tom Amparo (Seattle U) & John Kim

PS-North U16: Joe Baleto (Seattle U) & Eastyn Baleto (New Mexico) 

PS-North U17: Dylan Lavis (Humbolt State) & Mackenzie Mowry (Washington | Highline)

PS-North U18: Stephanie Papke (Washington State) & Carlye Hupp (Washington)