PS-Tacoma Coaching Lineup

PSVBA has an excellent coaching staff that is very instructive, technically sound, competition-tested and proven over many years!  It is one of the main reasons PSVBA year after year consistently produces successful competitive teams that rank at the very top of every age division in our region!  Most all of our coaches have had successful collegiate careers and are equally successful on the sidelines.


U11: Jessica Hansen (Portland State), Jessica Fitzgerald (Portland State)

U12: Kelly Kim (Hawaii|Seattle|Rogers HS), Joe Cruz ( St. Michael’s MS)

U13: Jessy Taitano (Irvine), Pat Taitano (Hawaii|MRHS), Bri Trier (Western Washington)

U14: Mike Clark (Orange Coast), Audrey Howard (Pierce | PJP II High School)

U15:  Dan Ishii (Eastern Washington), Sydney Norris (Montana Tech), Kyla Nakamura (Palmer College | Washington State)

U16-1:  Pat Taitano (Hawaii), Jessy Taitano (Irvine), Jenna Mullen (Portland State)

U16-2: Brooke Vonasek (Wisconsin-Superior), Jenny Myers (Green River)

U17: Kim Binder ( Concordia-Irvine | CALS-Northridge), Reed Copeland (Wyoming)

U18-1: Bobby McGivern (St. Martins | ERHS), Jill Fox-Mullen (Puget Sound | ERHS)

U18-2: Rodney Kalalau (All-Army| CWA), Samantha Hutchinson (Western Washington)

Float: Karly Druzianich, Donja Walker, Kepa Cummings, Brin Kjenstad