PS-Intensity Program!

Puget Sound Volleyball Academy has partnered with Intensity Sports Club to provide PS-Intensity!  This is an affordable club volleyball program that will be focused on providing a positive experience and having fun for athletes playing volleyball.

Since we were formed, PSVBA has made a huge commitment in time, resources and man-power to raise the level of play in the volleyball community that we have been a part of.  Regardless of the success of our club over the years (which BTW has been great), we have always been more focused on player development and teaching life skills through the sport of volleyball.  The PS-Intensity program will allow us to provide a lower cost, less travel club volleyball option for players that just want to play and develop their skills.

For a long time, we have been actively looking for the right scenario and the right partner to help us provide a more affordable club experience program…. That’s why we are very excited about working with Intensity Sports Club and the ability to infuse our style and brand of club volleyball. 

We believe that Intensity Sports Club’s mission is directly in-line with our vision for what we want the PS-Intensity program to be about…

Intensity Sports Club (ISC) is a volleyball club serving the Federal Way Community. Our mission is to provide athletes in the Federal Way area with an affordable and competitive club team.  We want to provide a positive experience for athletes, and have fun playing volleyball. In order to meet this goal, we want to train players on how to perform the skills necessary to be competitive and educate the athletes on the strategic side of the game. Volleyball is a fun, intense, team oriented sport, and can provide young athletes with applicable skills in other endeavors. the PS-Intensity program!  -ISC Mission Statement

We want to welcome the entire Intensity Sports Club (teams, coaches, players, and parents) into our Puget Sound family!   We are thrilled about this partnership and looking forward to ushering in the PS-Intensity program starting this season!