2014 Coaches

PSVBA has an excellent coaching staff that is instructive, technically sound, competition-tested and proven over many many  years!  Many of our coaches have had successful collegiate careers and are equally successful on the sidelines.

Here is our current coaching staff:
  • Pat Taitano (University of Hawaii/Todd Beamer HS)
  • Jessica Veris (University of Washington)
  • Dan Ishii (Eastern Washington)
  • Bobby McGivern (St. Martins University/Emerald Ridge HS)
  • Stephanie Papke (Washington State University)
  • Carlye Hupp (University of Washington)
  • Joe Baleto (University of Washington/Seattle University/West Seattle HS)
  • Brianna Trier (Western Washington)
  • Rodney Kalalau (St. Martins University/Annie Wright HS)
  • Kimiko Shadle (Pierce College)
  • Jessica Hansen (Portland State University)
  • Jessica Vanzant (Portland State University)
  • Jordan Seelye (GRCC)
  • Kristin Ross (St. Martins University)
  • Todd Oestreich
  • Holly Nicols (San Jose State/ Griffin)
  • Roberta Kalalau (Pierce College)
  • Megan Deinas (Seattle University/The Bush School)
  • Kristy Rioux (Austin Juniors)
  • Bob Iwasaki (University of Washington/Todd Beamer)
  • Christie Murphy (UTEP/Olympia HS)
  • Tana Otten (Tumwater HS)
  • Steve Drutz
  • Hanna Hernandez
  • Nick Pal
  • Ashley Brodie
  • Jamie Anderson (Western Washington)