We are proud to announce that for the 2016-17 Club Season and beyond, Puget Sound Volleyball Academy has partnered with Intensity Sports Club to provide PS-Intensity!  This is an affordable club volleyball program that will be focused on providing a positive experience and having fun for athletes playing volleyball. Since we were formed, PSVBA has made a huge commitment in time, resources and man-power to raise the level of play in the volleyball community that we have been a part of.  Regardless of the success of our club over the years (which BTW has been great), we have always been more focused on player development and teaching life skills through the sport of […]

Introducing PS-Intensity!

PS is excited to announce our coaching lineup for the 2016-2017 Club Season! U8-U10  Jess Hansen (4 month fundamental VB starters program) U10-U12 Brianna Trier (6 month development VB program) U12  Kim Culliton & Veronica Wentzel U13  Kristy Rioux & Aletha Etimani U14  Jordyn Seelye & Rodney Kalalau U15  Pat Taitano & Karly Druzianich U15-2  Kim Culliton & Nicole Fosness U16  Bobby McGivern & Jill Fox-Mullen U16-2  Mike Clark & Jessy Taitano U17  Stephanie Papke & Carlye Hupp U17-2  Rodney Kalalau & Jennie Demick U18  Pat Taitano & Dan Ishii & Jessica Vanzant

Coaching Lineup

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